Intro To Slalom Skateboarding

Slalom skateboarding attracts a wide range of people, some of whom may surprise you! Many slalom racers are people who first discovered skateboarding in the 1970s as young teens and who have now come back to the sport in middle age (some would call them ‘Geezers'; we call them ‘Masters 45+’). The median age of slalom racers is estimated to be 35!But in recent years, more and more Teens and people in their 20s – who are converts to longboarding – have discovered slalom skateboarding and are flocking to it in droves. And it’s the pure speed and flow that attracts them!


In a slalom skateboard race, the object is to maneuver through a series of cones as quickly as possible, hitting as few cones as possible. Time penalties of 1/10th of a second or more are applied for each cone hit to the racer’s final time. Hit too many cones, and the run is scrubbed as a DQ (disqualified run).

Many events feature racers going head-to-head and racing each other – or the clock. In qualifying rounds, the goal is to chalk up the fastest possible time. This determines where a racer gets placed in the first of several elimination races. In the elimination rounds, the objective is to cross the finish line before the racer in the other lane. The clock doesn’t matter. Whoever crosses the finish line first does!

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