What’s The Secret Of Curren Caples In Winning His 2nd X Games Gold?

Image from www.flickr.com/photos/ronbird2009/

Image from www.flickr.com/photos/ronbird2009/


The cheerful crowd witnessed the world’s best park skateboarders go blow-for-blow on the California Ramp Works-designed course. With his amazing stunts at the Circuit of the Americas, Monster Energy’s Curren Caples bagged the gold medal, which was his second X Games gold throughout his professional career.

Pro skaters gathered around the 9,000-square-foot course with its multitude of hips, spines, bowl corners, banks and deep transitions for blasting big airs.

As the game became more intense, Caples and the reigning X Games Park champion Pedro Barros faced each other for the final showdown. Barros held on to first place throughout the prelims and large part of the finals which made Caples have a hard time to cap the championship title.

Riding on his 3rd and final run, the 19-year-old Monster Energy player stacked together a perfect routine by pairing stylish airs with tough technical stunts.

Impressive moves of the American pro skateboarder’s winning run included a tweaked backside crossbone air over the deck into the hip, frontside kickflip on the spine, huge frontside tuck-knee air in the deep end, backslide lipslide transfer onto the spine, frontside blunt on the pool wall, and a 5-0 transfer to drop off the spine into the quarter pipe, followed by a frontside noseblunt on the bank wall for the highest score of the weekend at 86 points.

Curren, the son of former pro surfer Evan Caples, made his X Games debut at the age of 14 back in 2010. As a highly versatile skateboarder, he won a gold medal in the Park event at X Games Munich 2013, beating the then crowd-favorite, Pedro Barros. He also won silver in Barcelona that same year.

Having recently won the Hart Lines Street skateboarding contest, Curren Caples is definitely an excellent player to admire. The American teenager has definitely proven his worth on the ramp. His impressive skills on a skateboard are what made him land in the spotlight. And now skateboarding fans are already looking forward to seeing more of him in the next Skateboard Street event.

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