Skateboarding Game Olliolli 2 Set To Be Released

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To the gaming fans waiting for the release of OlliOlli 2, good news! It’s finally here.

That’s right. The much-awaited sequel to the skateboarding game is now available.

The recently-released sequel is not without improvements. Boasting a new set of features “including a new look, new levels and flow, ramps, split routes and secret lines as well as a new selection of tricks and modifiers”┬áthe game is now with full leadboard support.

Named Welcome to Olliwood, the sequel promises to introduce a local 4-player mode for better gaming experience.

Included in the improvements are five new maps for skaters to explore, 50 new amateur and pro levels and 250 challenges to complete.

The game is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and supports cross buy and cross save.

Does the sequel trump the original version? Well, it looks like it.

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