Sheckler Spearheads Red Bull Hart Lines

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Skateboard aficionados gathered together in Detroit to watch their world-class skater idols at the Red Bull Hart Lines competition. This two-day event has been conceptualized and spearheaded by the very famous pro skater boy Ryan Sheckler. Well, who else would have thought of this great skateboarding competition? Only Sheckler could do that!

Pro-athlete Ryan Sheckler and other pro-skaters from different parts of the world are currently competing against one another in the said competition. Surely, they would be showing their valued fans their astounding kickflips and heelflips, awesome ollies and nollies, amazing backside, and jaw-dropping topgun.

Thrills for eager fans are already on! Many have shown their excitement and happiness as the Red Bull Hart Lines kicked off.

“I’ve been wishing for it for a long time in downtown Detroit,” said Eric Creason, 40 of Madison Heights, who has been a skater boy for 26 years. “Online, I saw a picture of Sheckler saying that great things are going to come to downtown Detroit.”

Aside from Creason, Stuart Chartrand, 26, from the Ann Arbor area, also graced the occasion as an excited spectator, of course with his treasured skateboard. Chartrand stated that he enjoys skating in Hart Plaza, around Michigan Central Station and along The Detroit River, and thus takes time to sight-see as he passes by. The event, according to him, was a good place for skateboarders.

Skateboard fans like Chartrand and Creason are surely waiting for the winners! Now, that’s exciting! Why? Because fame and prizes await him. Being hailed as a top skater in the world plus having won prizes like $35,000 and new 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T can’t just be turned down. Who would say no to this? Even Sheckler won’t!

Surely, fans won’t wait too long. As of this writing, top seven skaters have already advanced to the finals namely 1. Ryan Decenzo; 2. Ryan Sheckler; 3. Youness Amrani; 4. Torey Pudwill; 5. Curren Caples; 6. Evan Smith; 7. Alec Majerus.

Now who could be the very first winner of Red Bull Hart Lines? Would it be Sheckler himself or Ryan Decenzo? Well, everybody has a bet for sure but only the judges can decide and only the top-skater can make history in Detroit. Who knows, Sheckler could emerge victorious? After all, he has really the heart of a skateboard champion.

Just stay tuned to Red Bull Hart Lines for more amazing and jaw-dropping turn of events! The competition airs on NBC on August 1 at 4:30 p.m. ET/1:30 p.m. PT.

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