Meet Didga The Skateboarding Cat


We get it. Cats are adorable. But do they have to be awesome too?

Well, this particular cat is.

Didga, a cat that hails from the Australian coastal town of Coolongatta, is making waves on the internet due to his impressive skateboarding skills.

After all, if you have nine lives, why not be a little reckless?

So that’s what Didga’s been doing, cruising down the street, impressing passers-by and parading his skating skills on board his motorized skateboard Ollie.

Recorded by his trusty GoPro, Didga’s cool tricks range from skating through the streets, jumping over half-pipes, people and dogs, as well as impressing skateboarders at the local skate park.

The talented cat got the world’s attention after cat trainer and YouTube user CatManToo uploaded the video of Didga’s first adventure aboard his skateboard online.

The video astounded people globally, receiving over a million hits since going live.

It took CatManToo nearly a year and a half to film and edit the entire process. Most viewers don’t mind that the video was heavily edited though. They’re only impressed at how CatManToo managed to train Didga well.

But then, who wouldn’t be impressed? The fact that Didga is able to stay on top of the skateboard and cruise down the streets of Coolongatta is impressive enough.

His ability to perform cool tricks? Well, consider our minds blown.

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