Good News The Awesome Skateboarding Game Olliolli 2 Is Now On Steam

OlliOlli 2It’s all fun and excitement when your favorite games hit up the well-known net-based digital distribution platforms like Steam.

You probably get all giddy whenever you hear good news about various games being showed on Steam community. Surely, you’ll be more eager with this fantastic news!

The PC, Mac and Linux versions of your most wanted skateboarding game OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood will be released on Steam on August 11 for as low as $14.99.

Which means your wish will be soon granted! You just need to wait for a few days and then, you’ll see that creatively made game.

According to the award-winning game’s developer Roll7, the said versions of the game will feature an expanded array of tricks, branching level paths and new gameplay modes together with the brand new four player split-screen Combo Rush.

Furthermore, OlliOlli 2 provides songs from artists like Lone, Cid Rim, Faulty DL, Submerse and Mike Slott to keep the style of its predecessor’s soundtrack. Originally launched on the Sony PlayStation 4 and Vita, OlliOlli2 went on to win excellent evaluations from both critics and fans while getting top awards from BAFTA and others.

No wonder, skateboard enthusiasts like you are getting inclined to this cute little game that highlights skateboarding tricks. Perhaps the rush of thrill running through your veins make you want to play this celebrated skateboarding game again and again?

Undoubtedly, OlliOlli2 is an amazing game with excellent levels, good game-play modes, striking graphics, and exceptional soundtrack. Your few bucks would definitely make your life more exciting and fun as you see, watch and play OlliOlli2 on Steam.

Surely, this game will create a blast as it hits the Steam page. So, what are you waiting for? Avail the game now and see it for yourself!

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