Can I bet on the half-pipe? A guide to betting on snowboarding


Don’t you know that you can also place your bets on snowboarding? Yes, you’ve read this right: It is possible to bet on snowboarding, especially during the Olympics, World Cup and World Championships.

However, it’s a bit difficult to find a bookmaker that accepts bets outside of these times. Punters need to check around in order to find an online bookie which consistently offers betting lines on snowboarding.

Betting Types and Odds in Snowboarding

You have to take note that most snowboarding bets are straight up wagers or money line. Punters like you need to bet on who will win a particular snowboarding event. Each contestant, along with the odds accredited to them, will be listed by a respective bookmaker. Then, punters bet on whomever they wish. You might also choose to bet on the contestant that pays out the best odds. Normally, this is the underdog or the athlete in the middle of the pack.

Well, snowboarders don’t have a good chance of actually wining, that’s why bookmakers are willing to give better odds for these participants to encourage punters to bet on them. There are usually more than two participants in a snowboarding event. Punters may wager on anyone in the event. You might pick to wager on someone who isn’t the favorite but who still has a nice opportunity at winning.

When snowboard bets are listed, they commonly include the name of the participants and the odds given to them by the bookies.

Major Events in Snowboarding

Winter Olympics

This big event happens every four years. Since it is a huge winter sports competition, it doesn’t just include snowboarding; there are other winter sports showcased here. During the Winter Olympics, punters can place their snowboarding bets.

FIS World Championships

The World Championships happen every odd year. Players compete in the snowboard cross, parallel Slalom, half-pipe, big air and parallel giant slalom. Like Winter Olympics, you can also wager during this World Championships.

LG FIS Snowboard World Cup

Several best snowboarders in the world compete in this well-known snowboarding competition. The World Cup begins in September and lasts until March. Normally, fifteen countries and 20 cities will host the said competitions.

Strategy and Tips in Snowboarding Betting

Before you can be a good snow snowboard punter, you need to know the different facts and strategies about the sport. As an amateur punter, you have to know whom the best boarders and what effects snowboard competition results. Furthermore, you need to develop a wide understanding of what these snowboarding events are and what constitutes a good performance of snowboarders.

As for a great source of information, of course the internet is the best source of whatever information you need. You can learn more about snowboarding and the various athletes. You can also check out the sites of the sport’s governing bodies to get information about their previous and incoming events.

They often show a leader board that lists the snowboard players who have accumulated the highest points and have won for a particular season. Lastly, studying injury reports, together with the win and loss streaks, can also help you in making good betting decisions



Finding the most suited bet for snowboard betting

Lucky 15 is the answer! Take note that a Lucky 15 bet is definitely an awesome type of bet you can use in wagering for snowboarding. It is a four-selection bet that includes 15 separate bets: four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold accumulator. The bonuses offered in Lucky 15 makes it a common choice for customers considering multiple selections, especially in snowboarding betting. Well, if you have problems with your earnings in the Lucky 15, you may use a tool like the Lucky 15 Bet Calculator or Betting Calculator that is useful in working out your potential earnings from a Lucky 15 bet.

All you have to do is to enter the odds of your four selections, and then wait as the calculator works out your returns. Done reading! What’s next? Now that you’re done reading this guide on snowboarding betting, I know that you are ready to place your bets soon. Just remember the tips and strategies for you to win. Above all, be updated on snowboarding events. Good luck on your next bet!

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